Enrich employs policies and strategic systems to ensure we control and mitigate any risks that make take place for the duration of our project. When Enrich undertakes a job, our clients understand that we take the very best care with your space and the belongings in it. From preparation to carrying out the actual job itself, our clients will feel completely at ease and a sense of assurance that nothing will be damaged from our work.


To further assure that all necessary precautions are taken, Enrich is certified by the ASSA Workplace Compliance System, fulfilling all our statutory obligations under WHS legislation, providing employees, clients, and visitors with a healthy and safe workplace. Enrich also carries a current Certificate of Currency for $10,000,000 ensuring that we have insurance to cover us and protect your space in the event of an unforeseen accident. Such care for your possessions translates to equal care for our own employees. We take precautions to ensure a safe and risk free environment with all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplied as needed and regularly maintained or replaced.